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Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems in BC


Water and wastewater tanks & wastewater treatment systems that deliver economic cost savings, above industry norms performance, and future certainty.

Quality Tanks you can trust

Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Ltd. in BC is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality water tanks, wastewater tanks, and wastewater treatment systems. Our products are designed and built to the highest standards of quality, durability, and reliability, ensuring long-lasting and effective performance for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Some water tanks, wastewater tanks and wastewater treatment systems can leave a property open to loss or damage.

Don’t Leave Your Reputation On The Line As A Result Of Property Damages From A System Failure

Unexpected losses resulting from a leak or system failure

Systems that don’t meet performance expectations or are below code

Lack of cost certainty leading to cost overruns

Our products provide performance, economic savings and future certainty in BC.

Because You Deserve A Solution That Offers Totally Safe Water

Economic Savings
By using robust scale technology along with adaptive design results in real flexibility in BC.

Future proof your property by installing a water or wastewater system with best practice manufacturing with set and forget maintenance that is adaptive and can scale with the property.

A highly responsive installation system combined with industrial strength manufacturing with a customized design specific to your needs.

Providing Totally Safe Water Based On Your Needs

Adaptive Design:

From Static -> Flexible

“Adaptive designs for your system which provides a flexible reactive system rather than a static one using a custom design with targeted engineering to your specifications.”

Scale Technology:

From Fragile -> Robust

“Our technology allows your system to perform at a robust rather than a fragile level with its industrial strength specifications automated to your specific needs. “

Installation Solutions:

From Locked -> Responsive

“Move from a locked-in system to a fully responsive with set-and-forget maintenance, single source fulfillment and best practises manufacturing used by industry leaders.”



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When is the best time to make a decision to install a new tank or treatment plant in BC?

As we move away from today towards the future, the likelihood of a negative impact increases with time. To keep your property in a fail-safe state, and stay on the Green Line, the best time is now.

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