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Wastewater Treatment

Comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions for residential and industrial applications, ensuring environmental compliance and water quality.
Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

The Canwest Tanks & Ecological MBBR Advanced Wastewater Treatment System has been developed through extensive research and testing which has proven the system to be highly effective in reducing levels of BOD, TSS & Nitrogen.

Canwest Tanks MBBR versatile capabilities allow us to develop a wide array of specifications making the Canwest Tanks MBBR system applicable to almost any site, residential, commercial or industrial.

MBBR-Package Treatment Systems ranging from 500 USgpd to 1500 USgpd are NSF ® tested and certified. Custom MBBR-Package Treatment Systems can be manufactured up to 75,000 USgpd

Wastewater Treatment Systems for residential, commercial and industrial operations of many sizes, using fiberglass, concrete, or polyethylene tanks.

NSF Standard 40 & 245 certified technology, effectively reduces BOD / TSS and Nitrogen in a single tank process. Exceptional peak, turndown and shock performance in challenging wastewater operations including wineries, restaurants, breweries, slaughterhouses and food processing

Plug and Play Installations
Set and Forget Mainentence

Our Wastewater Treatment Systems offer 3 important outcomes:

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1. economic advantage

1. Economics: The Canwest Wastewater Treatment Systems are designed by applying the technology of large industrial scale systems to single property scale solutions. When we bring robust scale technology and combine it with an adaptive design that offers real flexibility, the result is economic advantages for the property.

2. above industry norm performance

2. Performance: We are committed to bringing unmatched performance to the marketplace. We are able to achieve above-industry norm performance by providing a highly responsive rather than a locked installation system alongside of robust technology.

3. certainty due to a highly responsive installation solution with adaptive design.

3. Certainty: The Canwest MBBR wastewater treatment plants provide certainty and confidence due to the future-proofing of volume increases with modular expandability options. The adaptive design based on combined with a highly responsive installation system ensures future reliability when the property scales and grows.

The Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems Framework

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Our wastewater treatment systems are based on three key parameters which ensure our systems offer Totally Safe Water:
Adaptive Design, Scale Technology, and Installation Solutions.

Adaptive Design
Our adaptive design is a result of three inputs: Mass customization, targeted engineering and modular expandability. When we combine these three inputs, the result is adaptive design unapparelled by any other products offered in the industry today.

Scale Technology
From a scale point of view, we bring the best of large volume, average flow rate technology and apply it to a single site without compromising the peaks and troughs of flow rates and concentration challenges. Through the use of automated control mechanisms allows our systems to self regulate across changing volumes. Using a bio media design, the Canwest system can efficiently handle all of the bio processes, concentration changes and chemical conversions.

Installation Solutions
Canwest Tanks uses Best Practise Manufacturing based on science and research to ensure the tested reliability, responsiveness, innovative, and safest solutions possible. We are the only provider in the region that can offer the highest level of Best Practise Manufacturing with the MBBR system. As part of our installation solution, we offer a single source fulfillment. This allows us to provide a simple plug and play solution so that our client’s needs are 100% met by Canwest, thereby alleviating the need for a property to engage with a myriad of other separate providers during the installation process. Lastly, our products provide a Set and Forget Maintenance so that our clients enjoy worry free maintenance and simple recovery in the event that failure occurs.

We understand your need for a MBBR wastewater system that will continue to meet your demands now and into the future, we are committed to ensuring our systems are designed, tested, and provide the highest value possible with the technology available today. Canwest Tanks & Ecological Systems provide innovative techno organic solutions that utilize specifically calculated engineering. The result is that you can be confident in the simplicity, performance, and affordability of the wastewater system for your property.