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Are You Prepared for Drought?

Rainwater Harvesting: Water Tanks as the Ultimate Drought Solution

Are You Prepared for Drought?

As climate shifts persist, the looming threat of drought becomes increasingly pertinent. Recent statistics paint a concerning picture: by the end of last month, over two-thirds of our country faced abnormally dry conditions or severe drought, impacting a staggering 81% of our agricultural terrain (source: Agriculture Canada). Regions like BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan experienced notably diminished rainfall, setting the stage for potential water scarcity heading into the coming months.

The Urgency of a Drought Solution

For homes, businesses, and farms in these regions, it’s imperative to explore proactive measures to combat the impending water scarcity. Enter water tanks—a robust and versatile solution to mitigate the effects of drought.

Unlocking the Power of Water Tanks and Rainwater Collection

Water tanks offer a compelling strategy to alleviate water shortages. Their functionality extends beyond mere storage—they signify an opportunity to fortify your water reservoir, foster sustainability, and adapt adeptly to the evolving climate.

Benefits Galore

The perks of integrating a water tank system into your property are manifold. Consider these compelling advantages:

  • Meeting crucial water needs during dry spells or when municipal supplies dwindle.
  • Substantial cost savings and reduced reliance on municipal water sources.
  • Embracing eco-friendly practices by preserving water, curbing runoff, and preventing soil erosion.
  • Facilitating garden irrigation during drought periods, ensuring green spaces thrive.

Versatile Applications

Water tanks serve diverse purposes beyond water collection:

  • Potable Water Tanks: Safely store drinking water with UV-resistant, airtight seals ensuring water quality.
  • Septic Tanks: Engineered for wastewater treatment, offering an eco-conscious solution for sanitation.
  • Fire Protection Tanks: Crucial in rural areas lacking immediate access to municipal fire hydrants, ensuring a reliable water supply for firefighting.

Selecting the Right Tank

Choosing the ideal water tank demands consideration of various factors:

  • Sizing: Tailor the tank size based on your daily water consumption and usage and available property space.
  • Material: Opt for affordable and versatile plastic tanks, specifically Polyethylene for its food-safe, odorless, corrosion-resistant, and UV-resistant properties.
  • Placement: Identify a stable location conducive to optimal water collection and easy access for installation.

See our blog on selecting a water tank that works for you.

In Conclusion

The pressing need for drought solutions mandates a proactive approach. Water tanks, with their versatility, efficiency, and adaptability, stand tall as an invaluable resource in securing water supply during challenging times. Embrace these solutions today to safeguard against the uncertain climate of tomorrow. See the range of water tanks offered by Canwest Tanks – a wide range and sizes of water tanks for your water storage solutions.